About Us

Mycionics Inc. was founded in 2015 as a revolutionary robotic harvesting service in the global mushroom industry. Our vision is to become the world’s leading supplier of agricultural robotics and automation services, while fostering a culture of innovation and creativity towards solving the world’s most complex agricultural issues.
Our solution increases the quality and yield of our food, while reducing food-safety risks. In order to prevent a global food-crisis, farmers must embrace technology to meet the ever-rising demand for quality food. We provide an affordable and dependable alternative to hard-to-find labour, so they can meet this demand. To stay at the forefront of innovation, we are inventing cutting-edge robotic agricultural technologies, which is revolutionizing the way we grow and harvest.
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Our Mission

The Growing Problem

The farm is at the base of our global food system. Consequently, the way we grow our food determines its quality and our impact on the environment. Food producers face an ever-rising demand and are often pressured by labour shortages for harvesting. Mycionics focuses on generating value for farmers by tackling their toughest problems: access to affordable, dependable labour, and quality information. By automating difficult and mundane tasks, employees on the farm can dedicate themselves to higher-value work.

The Solution

Our Automated Solution

We are focused on empowering farmers by using our robotic systems to perform the labour-intensive work of harvesting. Our solution helps the farmer save money while giving them a competitive edge against the global labour shortage. The consistency of automation enables better yields for farmers. While doing so, we capture never-seen-before data, which generates revolutionary information for farmers. This information leads to better agronomic, commercial, and operational solutions for the farm.

Our Team

Our Team and Technology

We are a high-tech firm employing a team of multi-disciplinary designers, engineers, and technicians, from fields across mechatronic, electrical, mechanical, software, and nanotech. We are pushing the limits of technology by designing state-of-the-art robotic systems, driven by sophisticated ideas from the fields of robotics and mathematics. We also bring our deep agricultural, manufacturing, and operational expertise so we can help farmers at scale. From the start, we have designed our technology and business approach for seamless integration into a farmer’s existing operations.

Work With Us

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Be a part of an organization that is developing cutting-edge robotic agricultural technologies, revolutionizing the way we grow and harvest our food. At Mycionics, you will work alongside a team of technological visionaries dedicated to fulfilling the aspirations of more sustainable, effective, and efficient methods of agricultural production, leveraging sophisticated robotic and automation systems. If you have the skills and a passion for putting technology to good use, consider joining our team and participate in a challenging but rewarding movement using innovative robotic applications to improve the future of food.

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