Mycionics is the exclusive robotics partner for the Christiaens drawer system.

Robotic Drawer Harvester

Maximum Pick Rate
Payback Period
Harvesting Cost Reduction
Drawer Harvester
Control via an easy-to-use touchscreen
Works well with human pickers & packers
Easily mounts to existing drawer system platform
Easy to clean and maintain with your existing staff

A Robotic Picker with a Proven Human Touch

A touch-sensitive gripper picks mushrooms as well as a human picker.

Our patented gripper has already picked years worth of Agaricus Bisporus for the fresh market.

Optimize your crop and harvest with data

As the system scans your bed, it finds mushroom locations while calculating mushroom size, maturity, and growth rate. AI assisted algorithms make decisions about picking and declustering based on the goals for your harvest. 

58% Picking Labour Reduction from Day 1 

As soon as the system is commissioned, human picking labour requirements are reduced by 58%, growing to 75% after three years 

About the Christiaens™ Drawer System

The Christiaens Drawer system is an innovative platform system that brings the mushrooms directly to your pickers. Setting up a drawer system allows for cost-effective robotic picking, scanning, and pointing from Mycionics, and other innovations like the Christiaens Take-Off system (see aside)