The Problem

Mushroom farms are facing an increasing demand for their products worldwide, while at the same time experiencing a labour shortage. Mushrooms require consistent and reliable labour as they are grown indoors year-round and they double in size every day. There is an estimated 20% labour gap and 40% annual labour turnover on Canadian mushroom farms, and training a new harvester can take up to 6 months.

Mycionics provides an affordable and dependable harvesting solution. Additionally, our system: increases product quality and consistency; reduces food-safety risks; and collects and analyzes data for yield improvement.

Our Solution

Mycionics’ globally patented robotic harvesting system continually picks, packs, and weighs mushrooms that meet fresh market quality and size requirements. Based on the farmer’s harvesting requirements, such as desired mushroom sizes, stem length, quality, harvesting schedule, and more, our mobile robotic harvester scans the mushroom beds, picks the desired mushrooms, trims the stems, and intelligently packs the mushrooms into boxes where they can be retrieved by the farm operators. In addition to our system’s harvesting capabilities, the data collection provides valuable insight into the farms existing growing and harvesting metrics, leading to better agronomic, commercial, and operational solutions for the farm.

Mycionics is dedicated to empowering mushroom farmers through the use of our robotic harvesting system that performs the labour-intensive work of harvesting mushrooms for the fresh market. Our solution provides mushroom farms of any size with a competitive edge against the global labour shortage afflicting the industry.

Our Trusted Partners

This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario.